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Boston Biomedical Research Institute Boston Biomedical Research Institute

Boston Biomedical Research Institute
It is the general policy of BBRI that the results of research of its staff and employees should be made promptly, freely and widely available to other research workers and to the public. In most instances, this purpose is best served by publication of all information concerning the research and its practical applications. However, in some cases, the application of research results can be speeded by seeking patent protection for inventions when appropriate and by forming partnership with industry to speed the development of the fruits of research into procedures or products that can improve the diagnosis and management of disease. The importance of such technology transfer to the public interest was recognized by the US Congress through passage of the Bayh-Dole legislation in 1980. Accordingly, BBRI is sincerely interested in exploring partnerships with companies that will complement its basic research programs and enable the discoveries of its scientists to move from the research bench to the clinic as rapidly as possible. BBRI also welcomes collaborations with scientists from academic and other non-profit institutions.



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February 11, 2009

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