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Biodegradable anastomosis device for small lumen structures

Drexel University
posted on 02/04/2010

Drexel University’s surgeons and biomedical engineers have designed the biodegradable anastomosis device (AD) to simplify and accelerate connecting small lumen structures and reduce the time a surgeon spends on a given procedure. Currently, small lumen (such as bile duct) anastomosis is performed by hand suturing, which is very time consuming and is associated with complications rate in the range of 18% to 24%. Drexel’s AD is designed to shorten the anastomosis procedure time to 1-2 minutes. The AD has fixed diameter opening guaranteeing the passage of fluids carried by the small lumen structure and preventing obstruction of the lumen at anastomosis site. In addition to AD a dedicated Applicator was designed to facilitate the placement of AD. The design of the Applicator can enable the use of AD in laparoscopic surgery.

Suggested Uses

- Anastomosis of small lumen structures such as bile duct and small blood vessels

- Laporoscopic and robotic surgery

- Anastomosis of large lumen structures

- Pancreatic and liver cancer surgeries, liver transplantaion


- Significantly shortened time of anastomosis procedure, down to about 1-2 min

- Replaces hand suturing with a simple installation procedure

- Potentially reduced morbidity at anastomosis site

- Optional drug delivery capability can further accelerate healing and reduce anastomosis-related complications

Innovation Details

Detailed Description

Please see the attached executive summary.

File Number: 07-0860D 

Disease: Digestive System

Other Information:

Please direct requests for additional information to the Case Manager, Dr. Alexey Melishchuk at 215-895-0304 or

IP Protection

Patent Number(s): PCT/US2009/042528

License Online

This innovation currently is not available for online licensing. Please contact Alexey Melishchuk at Drexel University for more information.

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Case Manager:

Alexey Melishchuk Alexey Melishchuk

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