Colorimetric Monitoring of Reactions in Solution and Solid Phase Automated and Manual Systems

Iowa State University Research Foundation
posted on 02/28/2011

Iowa State University researchers have synthesized a molecule that can be used for colorimetric monitoring of carbohydrate synthesis reactions.

Suggested Uses

Monitoring Solution or Solid-Phase Oligosaccharide Synthesis Reactions; General Cleavable Hydroxyl Protecting Group with Colorimetric Monitoring; Trityl Protecting Group Analog


  • Simple and fast visible colorimetric monitoring method
  • Compatible with automated oligosaccharide synthesis
  • Compatible with automated liquid handling systems
  • Can be combined with other resin bead monitoring techniques
  • Molecule can function as general hydroxyl protecting group (trityl analog)

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Carbohydrates are notoriously difficult to synthesize, causing researchers to continually search for new methods to simplify and accelerate the process. One approach, automated solid-phase synthesis, has been highly successful in the preparation of the other major biopolymers—peptides and oligonucleotides. The application of solid phase methods to oligosaccharide synthesis, however, has proved to be much more difficult. This is due in part to the lack of fast and simple techniques for monitoring the extent of the cleavage reaction (deprotection) on the solid phase resin. Monitoring is required in order to determine the coupling efficiency and optimize the reaction conditions at each cycle in the process. Researchers at Iowa State University have synthesized a molecule that can be attached to a monomer unit, such as a carbohydrate, prior to chemical coupling to a solid support such that upon cleavage of this molecule, the solution turns orange. The orange color allows the simple colorimetric monitoring of the completion of the cleavage reaction and quantification of the amount of the monomer unit successfully coupled to the solid phase.

File Number: ISURF #3117 

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Patent Number(s): 7842511

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