Integrated Phased Array Antenna

Iowa State University Research Foundation
posted on 11/17/2011

Iowa State University researchers have developed a phased array antenna system with improved spatial control for wireless communications.

Suggested Uses

Communications and wireless networking


*Economical (lowers operating costs)
*Effective (enables accurate control of beam pattern of the array)

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Phased array antenna systems have many applications in wireless communications particularly MIMO Communications (multiple input and multiple output). By using multiple antennas to transmit and receive the signal, the transmit rate can be optimized to the capacity limit of the channel while simultaneously improving security. Phased arrays steer the main beam of an antenna in a given angular direction in the line-of-sight (LOS) path reducing multipath effects. However, accurate adjustability of the phase and amplitude characteristics for each element of a phased array can be problematic, resulting in less than optimal control of beam patterns that can cause interference in areas of with intense use of wireless communications. To overcome this drawback, ISU researchers have developed an integrated phased array antenna system that allows for spatial control of the received and transmitting antenna by controlling the phases and amplitude of each radiating element using baseband phase shifting, which is up converted to RF (radio frequency) using a phase lock loop (PLL) synthesizer. As a consequence, the costs associated with performing phase shifting in the RF region, which was done previously, are mitigated and antenna performance is improved. The integrated phased array antenna has utility for applications such as wireless communications and networking, commercial and military radar, and space-time adaptive communications.

File Number: ISURF #3587 

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Patent Number(s): 8013791
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