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Larta Institute Larta Institute

Connecting people to drive innovation

We manage one of the nation’s largest innovation pipelines. We drive the success of technology companies by connecting them with the right people, partners, and capital.

Our commercialization services help governments, universities, and corporations accelerate technology transfer.


Larta Institute is a professional services firm providing entrepreneur training, commercialization, and technology transfer services for governments, companies, and universities.

We accelerate the transition of cutting-edge technologies to the marketplace by connecting innovators to investors and companies. Our programs leverage our extensive network of relationships and resources. Since 1993, companies helped by Larta Institute have raised over $1.5 billion in capital. Our programs serve thousands of businesspeople each year. Our electronic magazine on business innovation is read by over 25,000 people.

We believe in the power of innovation to raise living standards and improve quality of life. Larta Institute’s mission is to increase economic development through the improved transition of scientific and technological breakthroughs from the laboratory to the marketplace, where they can solve problems, enhance economic opportunities, advance medical care, and better people’s lives.

Larta Institute was originally formed in 1993 through legislation enacted by the State of California to assist small companies developing innovative technologies. The Institute has expanded dramatically since then to serve thousands of clients in a wide variety of technology sectors globally.

Larta Institute is an independent, private, nonprofit 501©(3) corporation registered in the State of California.

Virtual Bundling Agent

The Program. Virtual Bundling Agent is an attempt to deal directly with these problems by creating a “knowledge commons” to provide open access to innovation by making inter-university barriers more transparent. While other organizations have attempted to bundle intellectual property for commercial purposes with mixed results, this project proposes very new ideas. Network T2 members are eager to build on Larta Institute’s reputation for trust to create Virtual Bundling Agent, and the program will combine the resources and team approach already developed within Network T2. The program will allow Larta to represent Network T2 member technologies to the marketplace and to facilitate “back-end” transactions by:
1. Overcoming Competitive Issues. Network T2 members have agreed to develop a baseline confidentiality and non-competition framework. This framework will leverage Larta’s role as a trusted advisor and intermediary. The universities will give Larta permission to represent multiple universities and potential business partners as a “virtual broker” for their chosen technologies.
2. Creating Virtual Bundles. With these agreements in place, Larta and its extended team of faculty advisors, technologists, and entrepreneurs will gather portfolios of like or complementary technologies. Through collaboration among Network T2 members and analysis by Larta’s experts, these “virtual bundles” will be created to target specific niches with strong potential applications in the market. Larta will enhance its technical expertise in these niches in order to build trust among potential business partners in Larta’s due diligence capabilities.
3. Collaborative Marketing. Network T2 will create an independent Virtual Bundling Agent office to market these portfolios. This office will track important industry conferences across the country and will send to these conferences objective, qualified representatives with strong technical understanding of the portfolios. The office will centralize the creation of exhibit materials, marketing collateral, and on-site outreach on behalf of all Network T2 members and their bundled technologies. These marketing efforts will also provide enhanced outreach for Network T2 members generally.
4. Targeted Matchmaking. Larta will also use its vast network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and corporations to market the portfolios in targeted ways. Some possibilities include private, one-on-one “matchmaking” and venture capital facilitation events (like Larta’s Venture Forum) to present portfolios to targeted audiences of investors.
5. Facilitating Transactions. Larta will serve as a trusted intermediary to drive commercialization through inter-university transactions. When marketing and outreach efforts yield business interest in certain technologies, Larta will work with interested firms to structure how such technologies might be best exploited. Larta will convene relevant Network T2 members to introduce them to opportunities. Based on continuing conversations with businesses and Network T2 members, Larta will serve as an ambassador among interested parties, helping them to match their mutual needs and helping to serve as an objective voice in a process often hampered by protected interests.
6. Measuring Results and Developing a Prototype. Network T2 members feel that having Larta as an objective intermediary to facilitate transactions will also help in gathering data about what works and what does not. This data, in turn, will be used by Network T2 to further hone the project and will serve to arm the member technology transfer officers with concrete knowledge on how to improve their processes. Measurable results will include: (1) developing a transactional model that appeals to a broad group of universities, (2) cataloguing the pain points of bundling transactions via interviews of participants both during and after transactions, and (3) measuring the value added (including in terms of time saved and actual transactions that result), if any, through the use of intermediaries like Larta.
Virtual Bundling Agent will focus initially on federally-funded inter-university research projects already completed or in process. In those projects, personal relationships among faculty have already had time to mature, and issues of trust will be easier to overcome.


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