Novel Imaging Agent to Image and Quantify Beta-Cell Mass

Massachusetts General Hospital
posted on 02/26/2012

The Technology: The inventors have developed a novel imaging agent that enables the imaging and quantification of beta-cell mass in vivo. The inventors have demonstrated this agent in both in vitro cell-based assays and in vivo preclinical studies. Applications: This imaging agent allows for significantly improved evaluation of potential therapies for diabetes in preclinical and clinical research. Further, this agent could be a valuable tool for the non-invasive monitoring of diabetes (e.g. disease progression and response to treatment) in a clinical context. Advantages: - There is a large unmet clinical need to quantify beta-cell mass in vivo - currently, there is no diagnostic test to accurately detect loss of beta cell mass in vivo. - The ability to quantify beta-cell mass would enable the further study of diabetes biology, the monitoring of disease progression or response to treatment. - Potentially enables the earlier diagnosis of type 1 diabetes by distinguishing between healthy individuals and occult diabetics.

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Ralph Edmund ; Weissleder Thomas ; Keliher Reiner

Daniel Castro, 617-954-9325

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