SDI Needle and Syringe Autoclave Shredder

posted on 11/24/2009


Used needle & syringe Decontamination & disposal system for Health care providers

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Patented used needle and syringe decontamination & disposal system economically converts biohazardous waste into ordinary solid waste & reduces needle-stick risk


Patented SDI Needle and Syringe Autoclave ShredderNow you can reduce by 40% your biohazard collection and disposal costs, guaranteed!Eliminate accidental needle -stick injuries during re-capping and re-handling.Stop sending biohazardous material to dumpsites.Contaminated needles and syringes are inserted into transporters conveniently located in each patient treatment or hospital room. Daily, transporters are taken to centrally located processor for sterilization, shredding and disposal as ordinary, recyclable waste. Totally enclosed, break-resistant, leak-resistant system.

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February 11, 2009

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