Dry Eye Disorder Treatment

Schepens Eye Research Institute
posted on 03/04/2009

Goblets cells are polarized epithelia cells found throughout the body (conjunctiva, nasal lacrimal duct, inner ear…). The mucus secreted by the conjunctival goblet cells provides a chemical and physical barrier to protect the ocular surface from dryness or other deleterious environment. Maintenance of this covering is essential to the health of the corneal and conjunctival surface. Abnormalities of goblet cell mucous secretion are linked to multiple pathologies such as dry eye syndrome, neurotrophic keratitis, atopy, seasonal ocular allergy. Several pharmaceutical compositions have been identified to stimulate goblet cell proliferation. The compounds of the invention could be administered as drops or added to contact lenses to improve their comfort and safety. Additionally, the culture of goblets cells is useful in pharmaceutical and consumer product testing, to determine the ability of a compound to stimulate or inhibit mucous secretion or to assess the harmful effects of contact lens or cosmetics. Dry eye’s prevalence increases with age, and is extremely common in older people. About six million women and three million men in the U.S. have moderate or severe symptoms of the disease, and scientists estimate that an additional 20 to 30 million people have mild cases of dry eye.

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Ph.D. Darlene Dartt

Mary Chatterton, Director of Corporate Alliances.

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