Video Enhancement for the Visually Impaired

Schepens Eye Research Institute
posted on 03/04/2009

Traditional image enhancement techniques are not appropriate in systems for assisting detection of moving objects, or in systems that provide real-time viewing enhancement of natural scenes. The new image processing technique modifies an image by 1) locating certain features of the image, such as the boundaries of objects in the image, 2) manipulating such located features 3)adding the modified features to the original image to produce an enhanced image. The image-enhancing practice can be employed to both gray scale pictures and color pictures. Improvement of the visibility of video images for people with visual impairment (cataract or macular degeneration).
Enhancement of the real-world view under reduced visibility conditions such as fog.

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File Number: SERI-139 

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O.D. Eli Peli

Mary Chatterton, Director of Corporate Alliances.

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