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A High Torque Dental Implant System

UAB Research Foundation
posted on 12/05/2011

Despite improvements in dental care, millions of people suffer tooth loss from decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease as well as trauma. Dental implants may be an option to replace the lost teeth as they provide a strong foundation for artificial teeth that are made to match the natural teeth. Researchers at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have developed an integrated dental implant system that results in enhanced maintenance of supporting bone, increased volume and stability of the gum, and the ability to immediately replace a lost tooth with an implant, thus shortening the treatment time for a patient.

Suggested Uses

Dental Implant System


  • Allows for better transfer of forces and distribution of load from chewing resulting in an enhanced maintenance of the supporting bone
  • Alters the surface and shape in the region where the implant extends through the gum allowing for a natural more aesthetic look
  • Provides immediate temporary tooth restoration so that the patient does not have a missing tooth during the replacement process

Innovation Details

Detailed Description

UAB researchers have developed an integrated dental implant system for the replacement of lost teeth that is designed to maintain bone and gum structure within the oral cavity for improved long-term performance and aesthetics. The implant body is tapered to allow placement in areas of narrowing anatomy and to allow for a self tapping and bone compression which is helpful for immediate load. The thread pattern is aggressive and widely spaced to provide stability and allow for formation and maintenance of bone between the threads. Overall, the micro- and macro-anatomy of the system is designed for immediate loading, stability, long term bone support maintenance and hard and soft tissue integration for improved aesthetics. Most importantly, this design facilitates restoration of missing teeth by simplifying procedures for the dentist and improving the outcome for the patient.

File Number: U2009-0037 

Disease: Dental

Other Information:

  • (205) 975-6851
  • U.S. Patent Application No. 13/509,865, filed November 10, 2010.
  • Australian Patent Application No. 2010322058, filed November 10, 2010.
  • Canadian Patent Application No. 2,781,015, filed November 10, 2010.
  • European Patent Application No. 10832098.7, filed November 10, 2010.
  • Japanese Patent Application No. 2012-539997, filed November 10, 2010.
  • Michael Reddy, DMD., Dean of the School of Dentistry, UAB.

  • IP Protection

    Patent Number(s): 13/509865

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    This innovation currently is not available for online licensing. Please contact Deborah Powe at UAB Research Foundation for more information.

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    Deborah Powe Deborah Powe

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