CT, PET, MRI, EPRI Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Medical and Security Imaging

University of Chicago
posted on 04/25/2011

The backprojection-filtration (BPF) chord-based image reconstruction algorithm on minimal datasets uses cone-beam projections along helical, circular, or linear trajectories to analytically reconstruct 2D and 3D images.

Suggested Uses

The BPF algorithm can replace legacy image reconstruction algorithms in medical and security imaging devices.


The chord-based BPF image reconstruction algorithm on minimal data sets reduces scan time, patient exposure to radiation, and computational time, and it improves spatial and temporal resolution by minimizing motion contaminated data.

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Detailed Description

CT, PET, MRI, EPRI, and other imaging techniques rely on iterative or analytic image reconstruction algorithms to convert raw scan data into a 2D or 3D image. To reduce scanning and computational time, thereby enabling real-time targeted imaging, Prof. Xiaochuan Pan and his laboratory have developed an analytic chord-based BPF algorithm that requires only a minimum dataset to exactly reconstruct a region of interest. The algorithms are compatible with a variety of source trajectory scan geometries and can minimize motion contamination in an image by the judicious selection of the minimum dataset.

Applications include
  • Radio-therapy on-board imaging,
  • Specimen/Sample radiography,
  • Specialized diagnostic devices,
  • O-arm imaging,
  • Airport security screening,
  • Container shipment screening,
  • Non-destructive testing,
  • and the large diagnostic CT market.

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Patent Number(s): 7444011, 7394923

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