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Use of Dexmedetomidine

University of Michigan
posted on 01/25/2012

Use of Dexmedetomidine

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Detailed Description

UM File # 4321

Intervention to prevent and/or treat pain is needed in the majority of diseases and injuries treated in a hospital setting. Moreover, prevention of pain enables medical and surgical procedures. Peripheral nerve block (PNB), a technique in which local anesthesia is used to prevent localized pain sensation, is utilized in many outpatient surgical settings. PNB is also efficacious as a supplement to general anesthesia. PNB is preferred to general anesthesia due to effectiveness of site-specific analgesia, safety, and superior post-operative pain relief. However, PNB is problematic in terms of the effective duration of the local anesthetics used and in terms of propensity for nerve and tissue damage as a result of the procedure. There is a need for safer, longer-lasting, more effective anesthetic and analgesic compositions and methods for PNB.

Technology Description
Physician scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered a new drug combination capable of prolonging the period of antinocoinception after PNB, doing so with enhanced efficacy and safety. Moreover, this new combination has efficacy in the prevention of inflammation in nerves or muscle tissue, thereby increasing the safety of PNB procedures.

• Peripheral nerve blocks suitable for surgical procedures
• Post-operative pain management
• Inflammation prevention in nerves and muscles

• Improved cost effectiveness
• Increased safety and efficacy over current standards (greater control, single dose efficacy, safer than opioid alternatives, reduces inflammation of nerves and muscle)

File Number: 4321 

IP Protection

Patent Number(s): 8410140

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This innovation currently is not available for online licensing. Please contact Ed Pagani at University of Michigan for more information.

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Ed Pagani Ed Pagani

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