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Security Using Gaze Tracking & Iris Scanning

University of Alaska Anchorage
posted on 08/11/2011

In the post-September 11 era, security is becoming more and more critical. An important component of information security is user authentication. Authentication as verification is used for both physical access and for online access. Eye tracking offers new options for secure authentication. Using eye tracking as a “hands free mouse” without on-screen feedback allows a user to enter information by selecting keys on an on-screen keyboard without disclosing information to others. Iris scanning ensures excellent recognition, and eye tracking ensures the iris is live and provides additional recognition capabilities based on the eye movement itself. Combining eye tracking with iris scanning results in the multiple factor authentication that is highly secure and accurate. Inventors: Bodgan Hoanca, Ph.D. and Kenrick Mock, Ph.D.

Suggested Uses

  • Banking
  • Gaming
  • Information Security
  • Physical Access Security
  • Online Security


  • Creates unique identifier that is extremely difficult or impossible to replicate;
  • Can be used securely in public areas;
  • Ensures excellent recognition;
  • Multiple factor authentication is highly secure and accurate;
  • May employ Artificial Intelligence techniques;
  • Cannot be stolen by malevolent observer;
  • Cost effective to implement;

Innovation Details

File Number: UAA 107-06 

Other Information:


Diane McLean

Office of Technology Transfer

University of Alaska Anchorage


IP Protection

Patent Number(s): 7986816

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This innovation currently is not available for online licensing. Please contact Diane McLean at University of Alaska Anchorage for more information.

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Principal Investigator:

Bodgan Hoanca Bodgan Hoanca

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Case Manager:

Diane McLean Diane McLean

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